How to withdraw money from W88 Bookmaker to bank account

The W88 bookmaker is more and more popular in many countries. Millions of players have become members of the bookie and experienced our games. Some of them are champions and win a lot of money from casino tables. This is the happy ending that many players of the W88 bookie desires, however, not all of them can achieve this goal because the world of online betting games is a real battle and it is not for amatuer players. But if you can do it, it means you are better than millions of other players and you can be a champion in the future.

There is an issue that many champions don’t know how to withdraw money from the W88 bookmaker. Hence, if you have won money and also don’t know how to get money, this article will show you how. please read this article carefully to get your money as soon as possible.

Some prominent features of drawing money from the W88 bookie

As a top bookmaker in Asia and Australia, the W88 bookmaker provides our customers with world-class services, hence, you can believe in the W88 bookie and all your demands will be met. One of the most important features of the W88 bookmaker is allowing players to draw money from the bookmaker to their bank accounts.


If you win money or you want to draw money to your bank account to close your W88 account, you need to draw money to use. This process is very popular but as a top bookmaker, the W88 bookmaker has invested time and efforts to develop a strong system to make sure that all transactions of customers can run smoothly. Therefore, you can be assured that your money will be delivered correctly.

The technical team of W88 bookmaker guarantees that your money won’t be lost or hacked by a dangerous criminal. You only need to wait for a few minutes, your money will go to your bank account and you can use it immediately.

However, you should notice that W88 bookmaker withdrawal is sometimes slow or delayed because players don’t follow the detailed instructions of the bookie. Hence, you need to understand what your problem is and we can help you to fix it as soon as possible.

Some popular issues are the system maintenance, your information such as Full name, date of birth or bank account is wrong, Full name of bank account is not the same as Full name of betting account, etc. It means you have to be very careful to make sure that all your data is correct. If not, you will need time to work with the technical team of W88 to solve the problem.

Three steps to withdraw money from the W88 bookmaker

If you want to withdraw money successfully, please follow these steps below:

Firstly, you need to access the W88 website and you will find the Withdrawal W88. After clicking on it, you will see a form to fill all required information. This button is very easy to see, hence, you don’t need to worry if you can’t find the button.

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Secondly, you have to fill out the bank account form. Some information you should check below:

  • Withdrawal amount: enter the amount you need to withdraw, remember to remove 3 zeros.
  • Bank : Choose your bank to receive money
  • Bank branch: where you make an account
  • Bank address
  • Bank account name: enter the bank account’s NAME AND NAME, remember to be the same as the w88 betting account name
  • Phone number : what to support.

You can see, we only need the most important information to save your time. Therefore, please fill them carefully and don’t miss any bullet points. If you miss one of them, you can’t withdraw your money.

Thirdly, when you finish your withdrawal order, it is time for you to go to the next step. This step is very easy, you only need to wait from 30 to 45 minutes, your bank account will have money. You shouldn’t check your bank account right after finishing your withdrawal order because your money hasn’t come to your account yet. This is one of the most pivotal notes you should remember to avoid worrying about it.

In conclusion, if you want to withdraw your money fast, you have to fill your bank information accurately and completely. In addition, don’t ever use other people’s bank accounts because you will have to face many serious problems. Maybe the W88 bookmaker will ask you to provide a photo of your identity card to verify that the bank account is the correct owner. If you are requested, please do it as soon as possible to push your money withdrawal faster.

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Some experiences for new players to withdraw money

When you win a game and you have money, you have a right to withdraw this amount of money to your bank account. Here are some experiences for you to make your job easier and withdraw your money in only 30 minutes.

According to many professional players, you should choose the appropriate withdrawal time. The best time is in the morning. Besides, you shouldn’t withdraw your money during bank maintenance or downtime as your transactions will be delayed.

If you understand this process, you will know that the W88 bookmaker’s professional services will satisfy your demands. To protect your money, please choose W88 bookmaker as your companion because we can do it for you. If you are still worried about something, please send your questions to our customer service team on and they will help you to fix your problem. Hopefully, we can be best friend in the future and we can support you to be a champion soon.