Why can’t I access W88 ? do you know the reason?

Why can’t I access W88 – Despite constantly updating the latest betting links, W88 still sometimes makes players unable to access. So do you know why you can’t access W88 yet?

In today’s article, we would like to share information related to members not being able to enter the W88 dealer. First, let’s find out why players can’t access the link to W88.

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Why can’t I access W88, the reason?

A member’s inability to access W88 will affect the experience at the dealer. Thereby, you need to check if the case you are facing belongs to one of the four reasons below?

Because the network connection you use is of poor quality

Players when using a poor quality network connection will affect the speed of accessing the W88 dealer. Even if the network connection is too poor, it makes players unable to access W88. This is one of the four common reasons why players cannot enter W88.

Server is overloaded

You know this because  W88 is a reputable bookie and owns a large number of players from all over the world. Therefore, there will be times when the dealer has to serve a large number of customers. This inadvertently affected the speed of players’ experience at W88.

There are even some members who cannot access W88 at these peak hours. Although it has upgraded to the best server quality, W88 has not been able to overcome the situation  why can’t enter W88  due to the large number of people accessing the dealer like this.

W88 dealer maintenance

W88 maintenance is always a job in the operation of this dealer itself. Of course, when the dealer is under maintenance, W88’s website will stop all betting activities for players. This will prevent members from accessing the W88 dealer.

Link to W88 is blocked

This is one of the many reasons why accessing W88 is difficult. The reason is because the carriers have to follow the direction of the government of our country. Thereby, the network operator simultaneously blocked the link to the W88 dealer to prevent players from accessing it.

The reason is still because Australia has not yet legalized the field of online betting. Therefore, the bookmakers that provide this gambling service like W88 will be blocked from accessing the link in Australia. This is intended to prevent Australian players from accessing this type of prohibited entertainment.

How do I contact W88 when I can’t enter the dealer?

Many players when not accessing the link to the W88 dealer. Now they really want to contact the bookie to know the reason why can’t enter W88? Meanwhile, the contact method at the chatbox section of the W88 website will not be available.

Therefore, players will have to call W88’s switchboard, email or text through Zalo, Viber applications when you already have a dealer account. This way, players will still receive the most enthusiastic support from the dealer.

W88 consultants will always be available 24/24 to solve all player’s questions. Thereby, they will tell you why players cannot enter the W88 dealer. From there, they will fix for you the situation of not joining the link to W88 in the fastest way.

Solution to overcome the situation of not being able to enter W88

To solve the situation why can’t enter W88 without the help of the dealer. We have outlined for you the following solutions:

  • First, when facing the problem of not being able to access W88. How do you check the network connection you are using? If your network connection is really poor quality, it will affect your access to W88. At this point, you need to upgrade the network package you are using.
  • Players should check if the time they access W88 is during peak hours or not? Because this is the time when many people access W88, causing their servers to be overloaded. At the same time, players will not be able to access the link to W88.
  • If the dealer is maintaining the system, please wait patiently for this process to finish.
  • If the link to the dealer is blocked, you have a situation why can’t you access W88. Try changing the IP address or DNS on your personal computer. On the other hand, you can also use the W88 app on mobile phones or use the latest W88 link to overcome access blocking.

In general, if you play at W88 for a long time, you will no longer be unfamiliar with not being able to access the dealer. This situation is due to 1 of 4 reasons why can’t access W88 that we shared above.

Hopefully the article has helped you better understand a common problem when playing at W88 and effective solutions for players.

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