What you should do when your withdrawals W88 Bookmaker are slow?

If you are a member of the W88 bookmaker, you must have known the W88 bookie is one of top bookmakers in Asia and Australia and you have experienced our professional services. The W88 bookmaker always thinks that customers’ benefits are number one and you will receive the best from us.

If you have won your game and you have money from it, you need to withdraw it from the W88 bookie’s system. However, sometimes, your withdrawals W88 Bookmaker are slow and you need to wait for a while. This is one of the most popular issues about withdrawals W88 Bookmaker, hence, you should read this article carefully to fix your issues.

In this article, we will provide you with information about withdrawals W88 Bookmaker to make your job easier. Hopefully, you will win a lot of money and withdraw it to your bank account smoothly.

Why you should make withdrawals W88 Bookmaker

This is one of the first lessons you should study when you become an official member of the W88 bookie. The W88 bookie allows you to make many transactions to deposit your money to start your game and withdraw your money to your bank account. To do this, you have to follow our detailed instructions on the website.

Reasons why W88 withdrawals are slow

The first reason you should make withdrawals W88 Bookmaker is we have a strong security system to protect your money and your personal information. With low-quality bookmakers, your money and information may be leaked outside and used by criminals. If you fail in this case, you will have to face many serious threats. You can understand that this problem is very severe, hence, you need to choose a high-quality bookmaker and you can get rid of this worry as soon as possible.

The second reason is the process of withdrawals W88 Bookmaker is very fast and smoothly. You only need to wait about 30 minutes and your money will be in your bank account. If you follow our detailed instructions accurately, you don’t need to worry about your withdrawals W88 bookmaker will be delayed or slow. Certainly, sometimes they will be delayed because of the system maintenance, wrong information, slow Internet connection, etc.

Finally, you should use the function of withdrawals W88 Bookmaker minimizes any risk with your money. When you draw all your money to your bank account, no one can hack it from your betting account. Or, if you let someone borrow your betting account, they can’t use your money. This is very important because strangers can use your money to play online betting games, If they lose all your money, it is really a big loss for you.

How to make withdrawals W88 Bookmaker

The whole process of withdrawals W88 Bookmaker is very fast and easy. These steps below will help you to receive money faster.

Firstly, you have to go to the W88 website and you can see the sub-page Withdrawal W88. This is the place you can read the detailed instructions to withdraw money from your betting account to your bank account. After understanding it, you have to fill the form to receive money.

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Secondly, when you fill out the form, you have to be very careful because if you type one number incorrectly, you will never receive your money. The important information are listed as below:

  • Withdrawal amount: enter the amount you need to withdraw, remember to remove 3 zeros.
  • Bank : Choose your bank to receive money
  • Bank branch: where you make your bank account
  • Bank address: the address of your bank
  • Bank account name: enter the bank account’s NAME AND NAME, remember to be the same as the w88 betting account name
  • Phone number : the phone number you use to open your bank account.

We hope that you understand the instructions because we try to figure out what you need to notice. This is very easy but you need to be very careful so that we can make your transaction immediately.

After the form is completed, you have to press the button Withdrawal. After clicking on it, you need to wait about 30 minutes and you will see your money in your bank account.

If your withdrawals W88 Bookmaker are slow, what should you do?

This is a very popular issue and the W88 bookmaker recommends our players some solutions to check your withdrawals.

Firstly, the issue can be from your Internet connection. You should check your Internet cable to make sure that it is stable. Secondly, maybe your Internet Banking is under maintenance and your withdrawals W88 bookmaker may take a bit longer. You need to wait about one hour and if you follow our detailed instructions, your money will come to your bank account.

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Finally, if you type your information wrong, you can’t receive your money. In this case, you have to come back to the first step and type your information again. Hence, to save your time, please type your personal information correctly, your money can’t escape from you.

Withdrawals W88 Bookmaker is one of the most important functions of the W88 bookie, hence we have invested time and efforts in it to guarantee your money is safe. If you find the W88 bookmaker trustworthy, please don’t hesitate to register for an account on the W88 website and you won’t be sorry for it.

However, if you are still concerned about anything, please send your questions to our W88 customer service system on the website. They will help you fix any problem 24/7. Hopefully, we can meet each other soon and we can help you to become a champion in the future.