W88 was arrested is false information

The case that W88 was arrested is making many betting players at this dealer extremely worried. Because they worry about their betting account full of money will be lost according to the dealer?

Or if the dealer is caught, will I be caught or not? However, the reality of the W88 bookmaker’s arrest is different. Let’s find the truth about the source of the house arrest in the content of the article below.

W88 was arrested

How will the dealer be caught?

A bookie operating in the online betting market can be caught. If they violate the following regulations:

  • The bookie is not legal and is not authorized to operate from any reputable betting organization in the world. This leaves them unqualified and will be seized by Australian law when operating in Australia.
  • A legitimate bookie can still be arrested. If they do not comply with the betting rules of the law from the betting organization in the world. Thereby, they will be arrested by the organization that licensed them to operate.
  • The dealer is legal but acts to cheat players. They will also be on the list of bookies at risk of being arrested if the player reports and shows actions that prove that the dealer cheated money.

However, during its operation, W88 is a recognized legal house. Besides, the dealer always adheres to the rules of betting and has never cheated players.

If so, then those are just baseless scam dealer rumors. Therefore, we absolutely affirm that: The fact that the W88 dealer was arrested is incorrect. So why is there a source of this dealer being arrested?

Why are there rumors that the W88 dealer has been arrested?

Thus, the rumor of the dealer being arrested is completely incorrect according to confirmed information from W88. So what is the cause of the rumor that the dealer W88 was arrested ?

The link to W88 is not accessible

Many players when faced with the problem of not being able to access the link to W88. This made them think that the W88 dealer had been arrested. However, in fact, this is what most bookies operating in Australia often encounter.

w88 arrested

W88 fake bookie caught

Along with the official W88, there are also many bookies that take the brand of W88 to fake players. However, fake W88 bookies are considered illegal bookmakers. Besides, they also have more acts of cheating players betting. Therefore, after a period of operation, this fake dealer will surely be caught.

However, the fact that the fake dealer W88 was caught inadvertently caused misunderstandings for players. It is a player who does not understand the problem and thinks that the official W88 is caught. This causes serious harm and directly affects the reputation of W88.

News of the dealer being arrested comes from an unofficial source

The bookies that are “rivals” for W88 will always give out rumors saying that W88 is cheating players. This information is intended to reduce the credibility of W88 among players.

Thereby many players are “credulous”, they believe in these rumors and believe that W88 has been arrested to be true. However, these are just baseless rumors and do not have any evidence attached.

Proof that W88 can’t be caught

  • W88 is a legal bookie protected by the Philippine government. Therefore, they are fully authorized to operate in every country in the world.
  • The dealer always adheres to and fully implements the betting rules and brings an online entertainment playground, safe and fair for everyone. This is the reason why they cannot be caught.
  • W88 is headquartered in the Philippines, not Australia. Therefore, Vietnamese law will not be competent enough to arrest W88.
  • During the time the W88 dealer was caught in rumors of being arrested. We still find that their betting website is working normally and the customer service team is still working 24/24. Therefore, they cannot be caught because if caught, their website will not work.

Thus, the fact that the dealer W88 was arrested  is 100% untrue. All proofs to deny the house arrest issue have been given in the article. So you can rest assured when you are experiencing at the leading prestigious bookie  W88 .