W88 scam ? How is the truth? Right or wrong ?

Continuously receiving scams, scamming players’ money. Although it is a reputable bookmaker and the brand has been confirmed in the Australian betting market. But rumors of W88 scam still appear, do you know where the reason comes from?

Find out the article to learn about the truth of W88 scam information right or wrong below :

Signs of a fraudulent dealer?

Before going into finding out the cause of the case, is the W88 dealer cheating, is the player correct? Let’s go to find out what the signs of a scam dealer are like?

w88 scam
w88 scam
  • Scam bookmakers will have a simple website interface and sketchy design. Besides, the betting products that the bookie offers are quite few and not diverse.
  • The scam dealer will let players deposit money but not withdraw money.
  • Members when playing at the dealer cheat no matter how good you are. You also cannot beat the dealer to receive your profit.
  • The bookies that are not legally licensed will be a playground to scam players.
  • The dealer offers bonus promotions with huge amounts of money to scam players into participating. However, when the player deposits money into the account to receive the promotion bonus, the account is locked.
  • Scam bookmakers offer large payout percentages to attract players to invest in betting. However, players who deposit money and play forever do not win any games? Surely the dealer has used software to change the results of the game to not let the player win.

The cause of the rumor that the W88 dealer is a scam

W88 is a bookie that operates quite transparently, fairly and does not violate the regulations to be “convicted” of cheating players above. So where did the rumors  W88 dealer scam players come from?

The bookie launched a virtual promotion

Members playing at W88 think that this house has launched virtual promotions. Thereby, members when depositing to receive promotional bonuses but cannot withdraw this amount to the bank.

However, the dealer side believes that the members cannot withdraw the promotion money to the bank. This is because the player has not completed the betting round turnover required by the bookie. Therefore, W88 will not allow you to withdraw the promotional bonus to the bank. Not the W88 house that offers virtual promotions to cheat players.

W88 dealer does not allow players to withdraw winnings

Members who can’t withdraw their winnings at W88, they also rush to commit a scam at W88. While they did not contact the house to find out the reason for not being able to withdraw the money.

On the other hand, the main reason that players cannot withdraw winnings to the bank. All because this member violated the general terms and conditions of the W88 house. Therefore, to ensure a safe, fair and quality betting playground. The house did not allow members to cheat and violate the betting rules to withdraw money to the bank. This is the right thing to do from the house, not W88 cheating players.

Players get scammed at the house pretending to be W88

Members who do not learn carefully about the official or fake W88 dealer. This causes them to accidentally participate in bookies that fake the brand of the W88 house. Of course, members when playing at these bookies will be cheated of money from bad objects.

This incident inadvertently affected the real reputation of the official W88. While players are being scammed at the W88 dealer, they think they are being scammed by the W88 dealer. This gives rise to rumors that the W88 bookmaker has cheated players.

So, is W88 a scam or not?

In general, a bookie is fully licensed from reputable betting organizations in the world. In addition, the house always complies with all betting regulations set forth by the gambling organization. This has helped W88 gain its prestige and position on the betting floor.

However, this position will be completely lost if the W88 dealer only needs to cheat players once. This means that all the effort and effort they have built up over a decade will be completely lost. So do you think: W88 “dare” to cheat players or not?

Through the recent reviews from experts, we fully believe that W88 is a reputable bookmaker. Therefore, the rumors that the  W88 dealer is a scam  will be completely untrue. Therefore, players should consider when looking at the problems related to W88 fraud. The best way is that you should not believe this information to be ironed by bad guys.