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W88 Poker – Introduce and guide you how to play online poker at W88 fully and in detail.


W88 Poker ? What is Texas Hold’em Poker?


Also known as Poker or Poker. This is a strategic card game using a 52 card deck. At the beginning of each game, the player will be dealt 2 separate cards, then on the card will turn over the community cards.

A hand is played with bets in which the player will bet depending on the strength of the card and the intention of his toy.

When the last betting round is over, the player with the strongest hand combined from the personal and community cards will be the winner.

Poker Texas Hold’em

Another variation of Poker, this is the most popular form of Poker today. The name Texas Hold’em Poker comes from its popularity in the Texas region of America. When playing, players use chips to bet instead of using cash. When playing Texas Poker online, money will be converted into very convenient betting chips

At the W88 house, you can play Poker Online w88 against other players, a table usually has 2, 6 or 9 people. That’s why playing poker online at w88 gives you a sense of attraction and drama. Basically, the rules of online Poker at w88poker are the same as Texas Hold’em Poker.

poker w88 texas hold'em

Basic W88poker rules

A poker table will have from 2-10 people. On the table there is a symbol D (Dealer), it rotates from player to player to determine the player’s position. The person sitting to the left of the Dealer will place the first bet, then the next person to the left of the person who has just placed the bet doubles.

Each player is dealt 2 separate cards and 5 community cards are dealt on the table. A poker game will end after 4 rounds of betting, the winner will be the person with the strongest combination of cards (cards) and community cards. However, the game can end at any time when there are no players to follow. Then the accuser will win all the money (POT).

After each betting round, all bets are pooled in one place, called the Pot. The winner will eat everyone’s bet (Pot). In case you have bet all money before everyone (all-in), you can only eat the amount in the Pot up to the time of betting all.

Some terms used in online poker

In addition to the concepts in poker above, there are a number of other terms to refer to the types of people in the game. Let’s take a quick look at some of these terms:

  • Fold (discard); Bet (put 1 bet in the POT);
  • Raise (Increase, ie increase the amount of bets on the POT when someone has Bet before);
  • Call ( Theo, that is, when someone Bet or Raise, you bet accordingly);
  • Check (see the card, when no one has bet or sued, you have the right to transfer it to the next person).
  • Fish: Only those who play very weak cards, play 10 games, they will probably lose all 10 games. For those who are new to Poker, they are very eager to meet Fish because this is an opportunity to easily win betting rounds.
  • Shark: In contrast to Fish, Shark refers to poker players with extensive experience. If you have to encounter Shark in poker, you should be careful because they are very dangerous and full of tricks.
  • Hit and run: Is the type of person that you will meet quite often in the game. They will usually just play until they win a lot and then leave the table immediately. This type of person doesn’t want anyone to have a chance to equalize or win a bet when playing with them.
  • Donkey: This word is used by Western players to mock players who are weak but like to show off. Maybe it will be a very good word for players to use to call weak players who like to wind up.
  • Maniac: The type of person who is extremely aggressive and is always ready for all types of gambling. You will easily meet them playing to the end at many different types of gambling. These people usually don’t worry about playing in the old or new genre. They have confidence and always want to win every hand.

w88 poker

Bet limits in online poker game W88

When playing cards, you should make up for yourself a strategy to bet smart, to lure or trick your opponent and bring you a win. However, if you bet more or less, you should also follow the following betting rules:

Currently, playing poker online at each bookie will follow 3 main types of bet limits, namely: unlimited bet, fixed limit bet and pot limit bet.

No Limit: As the name implies, when you choose an unlimited bet, you can bet any amount of money, up to the total amount you own and have above. betting table.

Fixed Limit: If you bet this type of bet, the game will clearly state that each player can choose to follow, bet extra or raise, but with a fixed amount according to each game played. Convention.

Pot Limit: When you choose to play poker according to the pot limit structure, each player can raise or bet the maximum amount equivalent to the pot size right at that game.


Features of W88 Poker?

Before many other choices, W88 Poker still retains its position with elite members. Not only present in Asian countries, Poker is becoming more and more popular. Some of the following features of W88 Poker will make you immediately join this exciting casino:

  • As one of the most reputable bookmakers today, licensed by the British Gambling Commission.
  • Poker game with high payout ratio, helping to increase the chances of winning for those who have the purpose of playing to make money.
  • Exciting, thrilling bets with attractive Jackpot.
  • Minimizing risks and bad luck in the process thanks to many new features.
  • High rate of return, many reward programs, promotions are held regularly. High reward rate, increasing the opportunity to play many times for members.
  • The application can be played on both computers and phones, supporting all models for players.
  • Safety, absolute confidentiality of player information

With these outstanding advantages, W88 has grown stronger and stronger. Becoming a member of W88 will help you entertain yourself with your passion for Poker, attractive money-making opportunities.

What is the W88 Poker App?

W88 Poker is a strategy card game at W88, you can join the game by downloading it to your computer or phone. It can be said that W88 is the largest provider of Poker games in the world today.

W88 always ensures prestige and quality. W88 is licensed to operate under supervision from the UK Gambling Commission. Therefore, all entertainment activities, deposit and withdrawal of W88 account take place transparently.

Link to play w88 poker online:

Link to login Pokerw88 mobile

Link to login Poker w88 PC

When the online bookmakers now have a lot of different types of betting games, online casinos. W88 Poker only focuses on Poker games of all genres and colors. Therefore, it deserves to become a destination for longtime gamblers.

For those who are passionate about gambling, especially Poker, this is a great place to entertain and satisfy their passion. Through this information, has answered your question about what is W88Poker? Do not be in a hurry, but follow the next section to see instructions on how to download W88 Poker to your phone.

Why should you download W88 Poker to your mobile?

With the modern trend, Smartphone is always an inseparable object of many busy people. No matter how busy, everyone has basic entertainment needs in their spare time. With little rest time, entertainment needs also need to be convenient and fast. W88 Poker can now be said to be a very good solution for those who are often busy. With just a Smartphone, you can play extremely attractive and interesting Poker games.

Playing Poker by phone meets the most basic needs of many people. No need to waste time, no need to go to big casinos, play Poker safely, etc. So if you are a passionate Poker player, you must immediately download W88 Poker to your device. Follow the next section for instructions on how to download W88Poker to your phone.

Instructions to download and play W88 Poker

W88 poker is now playable on both computers and phones. With modern times like now, playing games on phones is much more popular.

W88Poker supports beautiful, high-speed applications for mobile phones. Through the following instructions on how to download W88 Poker to your phone, you will successfully download the application with only 3 basic steps:

+ Instructions to download the W88poker app to your phone (iSO and Android)

Step 1: Access the link to W88 poker by mobile

Link to w88 poker mobile

Click on the link above -> Scroll down to Download -> Select Poker -> Click download -> Select Open file

Step 2: Install and login W88 Poker

Exit the phone waiting screen-> Click on the W88 Poker icon -> Login to your W88 poker account (Note that you log in with your W88 account previously registered).

– Choose your nicknam name will appear on the W88 poker table

Step 3: Join W88 poker on mobile

With only 3 simple steps to download W88 Poker to your phone is very simple. Now you can freely play the attractive poker game. So do not miss this super convenient entertainment opportunity with Poker game at the most prestigious W88 house today.

+ Instructions to play W88 Poker PC

To play online poker for real money at W88c1, you just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

Link to play w88 poker pc

Step 1: Access W88 using the link above – > Click the Register button on the right corner of the screen -> Follow the instructions

Step 2: Select the P2P item on the Menu bar -> Click the Texas Hold’em Poker icon -> Choose to play now -> Choose the minimum bet -> Place a bet

Step 3: The house pays the bonus -> Winnings are updated to the account balance -> Withdraw to the bank account

w88 poker pc

Poker symbols online at W88 that not everyone knows

Options: 7 player options

W88 poker options 1

  • (4) – Choose Fold – Discard: If there are cards that are not good, do not want to continue playing in that hand.
  • (5) – Call: Also According to the post. When the player before you bets bigger than you, you are the next to start betting. You choose Follow hand means you want to continue the hand, and place the exact amount of the bet as the player before you.
  • (6) – Raise – Raise bet: When there is another player bet before you, you want to bet even higher to put pressure on the opponent, your action is called Raise or Raise your bet.

w88 poker options

  • (10) – Fold to any bet – Discard all bets: If your hand is not good, you can stop the game by choosing Discard all bets
  • (11) – Check – View cards: When no one has Bet before, you can choose to see the cards to not spend more money and still be able to continue the game.
  • (12) – Bet – Bet : When no one has bet before you, the bets of the players are equal, at this point, you can choose Bet to increase the bet amount.
  • All In – When you have bet all the money you have at the table.

Other symbols when playing w88 online poker

(1) – The symbol that distinguishes Poker rooms is the level of Big Blind – Small Blind or Big Blind – Small Blind

(2) – D Button – Dealer button to mark who started the game and bet.

(3) – Small Blind – Small Blind: The person sitting near the Dealer Button (left side) will be set the bet (in the above hand, Small Blind bet $0.02)

(4) – Big Blind – Big Blind: The person sitting near the Small Blind (left side) will be set a bet, usually double the small blind, in the above hand, the big blind is set at $0.05.

(7) – Player’s 2 cards

(8) – Community card is dealt in the middle of the table

(9) – Pot: All bets will be pooled into the pot. The winner will eat the whole Pot.

How to compare Poker W88 cards

First of all, it should be remembered that a poker link in Texas Hold’em consists of 5 cards, no more or less.

The determination of winners and losers in each poker game will be based on the ranking of the links below. The player holding the link with the higher rank will be the winner.

10. Procurement (High card)

This is the case when you do not get any of the 9 links mentioned above: no pair, no lobby, etc. Then what you have is only the highest 5 cards chosen from your 2 cards and 5 community cards on the table.

w88 poker high card

9. A pair (Pair)

A link containing 2 cards of the same value. We know that a link always consists of 5 cards so the remaining 3 cards will act as kickers and will be considered in case the player has the same pair. Then whoever has the biggest kicker wins.

w88 poker - A pair

8. Two Pairs or Animals (Two Pair)

A bond containing 2 pairs. If 2 players both have 2 different pairs, whoever has the bigger pair wins, if they have the same high pair, the lower pair will be considered. If the low pair is the same, the 5th card (kicker) will be considered.

w88 poker - tow pair

7. Three of a kind

3 identical cards and a different pair. In case more than one player has the same set of three cards, the highest 3 matching cards will win. In case 2 people have the same triple, the remaining 2 cards (kicker) will be considered to determine the winner.

w88 poker-Three of a kind

6. Lobby (Straight)

5 consecutive cards, not of the same suit. In the case of more than one player, whoever has the higher card wins.

w88 poker Straight

5. Bucket (Flush)

A box or deck of cards of the same suit consisting of 5 cards of the same suit. In case 2 people have the same box, whoever has the higher hand will win.

w88 poker Flush

4. Full House (Full House)

A link consisting of 1 set of 3 cards and 1 pair is called Cu Lu. In case 2 people have the same stack, whoever has the bigger triple will win, if the trio is the same, whoever has the bigger pair wins.

w88 poker Full House

3. Four of a kind/quads

Four identical cards and a random card or “stone”. In the event that two people have the same quadrant, whoever has the larger quadrant wins.

w88 poker Four of a kind

2. Straight Flush

5 consecutive cards of the same suit. In case more than one person has the same suit, whoever has the higher card wins.

w88 poker Straight Flush

1. Royal Flush

Is the strongest and rarest link in poker. Formed by 5 consecutive cards from 10 to A, of the same suit. If you have this link in your hand, you are sure to win, just how to get the most money.

w88 poker Royal Flush

Experience playing Poker W88 online

Don’t play poker when you’re not in a good mood

Poker is not only a game of chance, but it also requires skill and maintaining a good mentality when playing. When the mentality is good, you will have 2 advantages when playing. The first is to grasp and master the game situation. The second is because poker is a type of card that does not limit bets, so it is necessary for players to make the most accurate decision before placing a bet.

Focus on observing the opponent

It won’t be superfluous when you observe your opponent’s every move. Learn how your opponent plays and understand it, you have won 80% of the game. As it is said that knowing the enemy knows that we will win a hundred battles, that is a fact proven by many people. In Poker, too, observing your opponent will help you learn a lot.

Don’t be afraid to fold

Fold is not that you are afraid but that you save your winnings with a hand behind. That’s why many people are shy and feel that folding will be a sign of fear or shyness. But in fact, for experts, folding is a very smart way to play.

Use Raise and Call flexibly

This technique should be based on the situation of your opponent and the strength of your hand. If you want to quickly earn money, you can use Raise or use Call when you are trying to probe the opponent’s situation.

Don’t abuse buffs

This is a trick to raise the bet when the opponent has a good hand to hit the opponent’s mentality. But if you abuse it too much, it will sometimes cause the opposite effect that you cannot avoid. So pay attention to use the buff at the right time, the right number of times.

Summary W88 Poker Online

Recently, what is the information about W88Poker? Instructions on how to download the W88 Poker app to Android and iSO phones and computers. Hope to answer your questions about the hottest name in the house today. Don’t forget to follow us for more interesting information about W88