W88 link – link to w88 is not blocked

W88 link – Anyone who plays bets at W88 will also have problems accessing the blocked dealer link. Therefore, W88 regularly updating the latest betting links is what they should do. So what is the latest W88 link updated from the official bookie?

In addition to using the latest W88 link, you also know what solutions to overcome this blocked W88 link. Find out in the article!

w88 link

Link to the latest W88

So to bring the best betting experience at W88 while linking to the official bookie. W88au1.com has built up a system of backup links, the latest W88 dealer website.

These latest W88 links will not be blocked when players access. Thereby, the experience of betting investment at W88 always ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for participants.

To update to the latest  W88 link , you can contact W88 customer service for support. In addition, players can use the link to the latest W88 provided at our website.

Why is the link to W88 blocked?

In fact, the blocked link to the W88 dealer also happens in most of the bookies operating in our country today. While the state still publishes propaganda that prohibits players from participating in betting, both traditional and online. However, legal bookies like W88 are still authorized to operate in the Australian market

It is for the reason that Australians do not want to access this form of online betting entertainment. But the government has made a decision to require carriers to block links to websites that provide this type of online entertainment. This is the reason that players cannot access the links to the dealer, including legal dealer brands like W88.

3 solutions to effectively overcome the situation where W88 link are blocked

Although it is not allowed to play betting at the official  W88 link  of this dealer. But Vietnamese players still defy it and have found 3 effective solutions to the situation that the link access to W88 is blocked below.

Change DNS address on PC

Change the default DNS address on your PC to the Google DNS address. This is an effective way to make accessing  W88 link  easy and unblocked by any carrier.

Change DNS address on PC when the link to W88 is blocked

To change the DNS address manually in the fastest way: Go to: Control panel -> Open Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings -> Right-click the network you are using and then select Properties ->   Select Internet Protocol (TCP/ IP) -> Properties -> Check Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter the DNS addresses as and

Change IP address on PC

Australian IP addresses will mostly be managed by the Australian carrier. Therefore, if your computer is using a Vietnamese IP address, your access to the W88 link will be blocked 100%. However if you know how to change this IP address to countries other than Australia. You will find that accessing the W88.com dealer becomes normal again.

To change the IP address on the computer most effectively, you should use fake IP software on the network. These are software that are provided free of charge to players. Such as: Hotspot Shield, Ultrasurf, Freegate, DNS Jumper, SafeIP, Mask My IP​, Platinum Hide IP, Free Hide IP, Real Hide IP, Auto Hide IP… Through which players only need to download 1 of the software which we suggest above to use only.

Using the W88 Mobile app

App W88 Mobile is an application that allows players to participate in betting right on their mobile phone. Thanks to this application, players will have easier access to the betting services provided by the W88 dealer.

download w88 mobile application

Besides, the W88 app also helps players overcome the situation that access to  W88 link  is blocked very effectively. Currently, this is the most trusted and chosen solution to fix the link to the blocked bookie.

To download the W88 Mobile application, please refer to the article on how to download the W88 app for iOS and Android phones shared on our website. Through the article, you will successfully download the application and get the best betting experience at your fingertips.

Above is the entire content of  W88au1.com  sharing about the problem of the blocked link to the W88 bookie and the 3 most effective solutions to overcome the situation of  W88 link  being blocked. Hopefully through the article, players have learned one more tip when participating in the betting experience at the W88 dealer today.