W88 ESport – A Beginner’s Guide to Esports

W88 ESport – Esport betting is a form of entertainment based on video games chosen by many players at the W88 dealer. In recent years, this form of entertainment has been loved by many people because the Esport market is more and more booming.

So do you know why W88 is a safe and reputable Esport betting destination today? How to bet at W88 Esport? All answers on issues related to E-sport betting will be shared by us in the article below.

W88 Promotions

W88 Esports

The explosion of the Esport market is taking place more and more strongly at the W88 dealer. This makes  W88 E-sport  attract many betting players to participate every day. Is due to:

w88 esport

  • W88 regularly updates players with the most attractive Esports tournaments every day. Major tournaments belong to game titles such as: CS: GO, LOL, DOTA 2…
  • The W88 dealer is currently focusing on developing the Esport betting interface. Simply because they know that players always want to find the fastest bets.
  • Members participating in playing at Esport will be paid for depositing and withdrawing with the fastest and most convenient speed.
  • Members who use the W88 app to play E-sport betting will be able to log in to play every day, as long as you like.
  • The experience speed at  W88 Esport  is quite stable and fast. Players can update the number of bets on the fastest and easiest way.
  • Customer care service playing at E-sport W88 is quickly responded by the dealer.
  • Promotions at Esport betting are also organized by the dealer many and continuously.

Betting products at W88 Esport

Currently, the game titles at  W88 Esport  are really the most popular in the market. In particular, the set of 3 e-sports titles at  W88  below always attract a large number of members to participate every day.


DOTA2 is an e-sports game with a high level of teamwork. Besides, the tournament system of this game also takes place every day and quite a lot. Therefore, players when choosing to bet DOTA2 will easily choose the tournament they want to participate in.

When players choose DOTA2 to participate in betting, you will bet on which team is likely to win the final. By taking the time to watch the previous live streams of both teams. We are sure that it is not difficult for you to win when playing Dota 2 betting.

League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is the leading game title at the W88 dealer that many people love to participate in. Especially when the LOL arenas are being expanded more and more to the market. Therefore, players will always find their favorite tournaments at LOL W88.

Join in playing League of Legends betting at  W88 E-sport, players will choose to bet based on the odds that the dealer offers. Combined with the knowledge of LOL betting and Esport betting, you will easily win for yourself.

Instructions on how to bet E sport W88

After a member has a betting account, it becomes easy to play at  W88 Esport . Just follow the steps that we introduce below:

  • First, players must log in to their W88 account and make a deposit. In case your betting account does not have the minimum amount to play at W88.
  • On the W88 dealer website interface, you select the Esport section and then move to IM E-Sports. Here the interface will show you the full betting system of the Esport betting subjects that the dealer provides.
  • The left side of the interface will be the place for you to choose an Esport betting game that you want to participate in. Here you choose 1 Esport betting game -> Select the tournament you are interested in to bet on.
  • Players click directly on the information of 2 teams to place bets. By clicking on the odds you want -> Fill in the bet amount -> Click confirm and you’re done.

So we have finished sharing with you the information related to Esport betting products at the W88 dealer. Especially the instruction to play at  W88 Esport  is knowledge that you should keep in mind. If you really want to choose E-sport to invest in betting at the W88 dealer today.