W88 dealer maintenance, purpose and time

W88 dealer maintenance – If you have been playing at W88 for a long time, you will find that the dealer sometimes has to go into maintenance of its betting system. All are aimed at serving the betting needs of players better.

So how to know that the W88 dealer is under maintenance? What is the time and purpose of the maintenance of the W88 dealer ? Find out in the article!

Signs to identify the W88 dealer maintenance

Longtime players will easily realize how the W88 dealer is maintaining the system? However, for new players, they are often confused with the fact that the W88 dealer is blocked and maintained. Therefore, below we would like to give you some signs to help you identify the dealer W88 maintenance  as follows:

W88 dealer maintenance

  • Usually before the dealer carries out maintenance, they will notify all W88 members. By doing so, the bookie places a banner announcing the maintenance of W88 on their website.
  • When the dealer goes into maintenance when the player will not be able to access the website interface of W88. Besides, when you join the link to W88, you will receive a notice: The W88 dealer is maintaining the system to upgrade the server.

In case a player accesses the W88 dealer without receiving any notice. Their website interface does not display any information content? This means that you are being blocked from accessing W88, not the dealer under maintenance.

The purpose of the maintenance of the W88 dealer

It is not a coincidence that the W88 dealer has to carry out maintenance for its betting operating system. Thereby, the purpose of W88 maintenance is as follows:

Regular maintenance

W88 regular maintenance is the job done according to the regulations about 1 time maintenance every 14 days. Thereby, the bookie will restart the server and fix the problems that the server is facing.

Usually, periodic maintenance of W88 will help the player experience at the dealer go faster. Players will always get the best experience after each successful periodic maintenance of the dealer .

Fix for customers

Players when playing at W88 will sometimes encounter errors that affect the whole betting system. At this time, the dealer needs to perform maintenance on the W88 system to patch the customer.
Of course, the patching process cannot be accompanied by the dealer’s website still working. Therefore, the bookie is required to carry out W88 maintenance to make the patching process convenient. This is also the purpose that the dealer W88 maintains  for its system.

Server upgrade

Server every time you need to upgrade to a new version from the provider. At this time, W88 also needs to suspend all activities on their betting website. This means that the dealer also needs to carry out maintenance for its W88 system. Thereby the server upgrade will take place much more stable and faster. Server after successful upgrade will not encounter any errors after maintenance.

Add new betting feature

When the bookie adds a new betting feature, the W88 website is still active. This will very easily cause the addition of new features to fail and affect everyone’s betting. Therefore, the W88 dealer will have to maintain to suspend all activities on the website of the dealer. After that, they will proceed to add the necessary betting features for players. So adding new features will be done quickly and without any errors?

How long does the W88 dealer maintain?

Players are often interested in the maintenance time of the W88 dealer . In this regard, we would like to answer as follows:

  • In order to make the customer experience at W88 always the best. The dealer will shorten the maintenance time for its system. Especially for periodic maintenance, W88 will take place in about 3 to 5 hours. Besides, they also choose a reasonable maintenance time so as not to affect many people’s playing time at W88.
  • Also for maintenance times for the purpose of patching bugs or adding new features to W88’s website.  W88 maintenance time will depend on bugs or whether new features are important or difficult? However, W88 will always try to fix it with the fastest time so that the dealer maintenance process takes place as quickly as possible.

W88 maintenance is a necessary job to help the bookmaker’s betting system operate more stably. Therefore, you should not feel troubled every time the W88 dealer goes into maintenance. Because these are the things that will make your betting experience at  W88  much better and more effective.