W88 Affiliate ? Who is participating in the program

Becoming an agent of W88 is a way to help you increase your income every month by introducing players to join the dealer. Thereby, the W88 dealer will receive a percentage commission according to the dealer rules based on the number of players you have successfully referred

If you really want to start a business with 0 dong capital from the W88 reseller program. Please refer to our article about the entire W88 affiliate program policy below.

What is W88 Agent? The reason to become an affiliate w88

W88 Affiliates are the ones who cooperate with the dealer to introduce members to participate in W88. Thereby, these agents will receive profits from successfully referring players to the dealer.

affiliate w88

In general, cooperating with W88 through this agent program will help you get a stable income. Along with that are the extremely interesting benefits that agents receive as follows:

  • W88 dealer’s agent will receive the fastest monthly profit and commission payment.
  • The commission will be calculated as 40% of the revenue that you earn.
  • W88 agents will receive the best support from the dealer.
  • Will the source of agency revenue received be counted as a lifetime according to each member you refer to play at W88 for a long time or not?
  • Start a business with 0 dong capital and without any risks?

In general, when cooperating with W88, customers will have the opportunity to help the dealer develop and expand the market. In addition, you will get a “clean” income source based on your own efforts and hard work.

Who can join to become an agent of the W88 bookie?

  • People who have a lot of free time or people who work on the internet.
  • Those who have strengths in advertising, seo or online marketing.
  • Those with knowledge of online betting at the W88 dealer. They will gain a lot of knowledge and capture information from W88 accurately to attract members to join the dealer.

In addition, those who are working at W88 will not be able to participate in this program. In addition, players are not allowed to build their own subordinate agent system. This is strictly prohibited practice for all W88 dealers worldwide.

Commission policy from W88’s agent program

W88 Affiliates commission policy is something that many people are interested in. Based on this policy, you will know how much money you earn in a month?

w88 affiliate

  • The agent will be applied a discounted commission rate of 40% based on the company’s betting turnover or the loss of his subordinate member.
  • Affiliates W88 need to ensure to maintain a minimum of 5 active members per month. If the number of active members is less than 5 people per month, you will not be charged commission.
  • Recognized members receive bonuses for the dealer of the W88 dealer. If this member is introduced to W88 by the agent, then they create and deposit at least 150,000 VND into the account.
  • Agents will have to bear a number of different costs and be deducted from revenue. Such as: Promotion, member’s transaction fee, W88 system maintenance royalty fee.

Instructions for creating a W88 Affiliates account

After learning about the refund policy from the dealer program of the W88 dealer. Right now you want to become a W88 dealer, right? Follow our instructions below to create a successful W88 dealer account.

  • First, members should access the W88 Affiliate registration link provided by this house.
  • You will then proceed to fill in your personal information in the “Create an account” section. Registration information includes: Username, New Password, Email, Confirm Password, Phone Number + personal information related to you.
  • Finally, the member clicks the “Join” button so that the application file to become a W88 Affiliate is sent to the house.

However, the W88 dealer’s profile will have to be approved by the bookie within 48 hours. Thereby if your profile is eligible to cooperate with W88 through this reseller program. You will receive a notification phone call from the W88 dealer. After officially becoming the dealer of the bookie, you will start advertising about W88 and actively work to increase your income.

W88 is a betting playground that already has a position and reputation in the market. Therefore, becoming a W88 dealer and introducing players to this house will become easier than ever. So if you have a lot of free time or don’t have a job that makes you satisfied. Join to become an Affiliate of the W88 bookie to get an extremely stable monthly income.