Is the fact that the W88 betting dealer was caught ?

W88 betting dealer was arrested – Recently on social networks, there are many articles that say: W88 betting dealer was arrested. As the representative of the W88 dealer operating in the Australia betting market.

Our experts will reveal to you the truth of this W88 arrest in the article below. If you still have not grasped exactly whether the captured W88 information is real or fake, please refer to the article!

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Signs to identify a dealer arrested

To know exactly whether the  W88 betting dealer is caught  is right or wrong. See if the W88 activity has any of the following signs to identify the arrested dealer ?

  • If the bookmaker is caught, their betting website will not be able to function. Even if the player has used all solutions to fix the blocked link to the bookie such as: Change DNS, IP address, use a betting app on the phone, use a backup link.
  • Members will receive an official notice from the organization that licenses the bookie to operate on the issue of the dealer being arrested.
  • Players will not be able to contact the dealer’s customer service by any means of communication. This is the way to help you know most clearly about the case of a certain dealer being caught is right or wrong.

W88 betting dealer was caught right?

Through the signs to identify a bookmaker caught will be like above. You see: W88 does not have any similar signs. Therefore, we can completely confirm that the source of information saying that the W88 betting dealer was arrested is not true. Because of:

  • The website of the W88 bookmaker is still operating normally at the present time. Even if they are caught up in rumors of being arrested, the W88 website still provides betting services for users.
  • W88’s customer care service is still active 24/24 and answers all questions players encounter as quickly as possible.
  • According to our intelligence in the Philippines, their forums, newspapers, and social networks do not have any information about the W88 dealer being arrested.

So you can rest assured to play at W88 because this dealer is caught incorrectly, right? However, let’s find out more about the reasons why there are rumors that the W88 betting dealer has been caught.

The cause of the rumor that the W88 dealer was arrested

  • Members who cannot access W88 think that this dealer is arrested. While they have never implemented solutions to overcome the situation where the link to W88 is blocked, they hastily assumed that the W88 betting dealer was caught.
  • Objects set up websites using the brand of the W88 dealer to deceive players. These will definitely be illegal betting websites in Vietnam. In addition, they also operate with the purpose of defrauding and defrauding gamblers. So sooner or later they will be arrested for their illegal acts. However, it was because of the fact that the fake W88 house was arrested, which made many people think that the official W88 was arrested.
  • Homemade articles about  W88 betting dealer getting caught  are written by bad people. Thereby these bad guys intentionally post these false articles about W88 to bring down the credibility of the thing. For the purpose of not allowing players to join the W88 dealer to invest in betting. Instead, they will lead players to switch to their dealer link to play bets.

Reasons why W88 can’t be caught

Judging from the evaluation perspective of today’s experienced betting experts. They also made statements that: The W88 dealer will not be able to be caught. The reason is because?

  • W88 is headquartered in the Philippines. Therefore, Australian law will not be able to arrest the W88 dealer when operating in our country.
  • W88 operates under the auspices of the most prestigious gambling organization in the world. Therefore, they will not be able to perform actions to deceive players to lead to being arrested.
  • W88 is a legal bookie, so they are allowed to operate transparently in any country in the world. Even it is a country that still does not allow online betting to operate like: Australia is a prime example.

Through the article, readers have given themselves the answer to the question:  Has the W88 betting dealer been caught ? Hopefully, no player will believe in false rumors about the prestigious dealer W88. Therefore, readers, please share our article widely on social networks or betting forums so that other bettors can understand the truth about this W88 incident.