Reasons why W88 withdrawals are slow ?

Reasons why W88 withdrawals are slow ? – When playing at the W88 dealer, have you ever encountered a problem of slow withdrawals? When this is the case, have you wondered why W88 withdrawals are slow?

If you cannot explain why the withdrawal at the W88 dealer is slow, please refer to the article below.

Why is W88 withdrawal slow?

Withdrawals at W88 are slow, making players feel confused and worried. Especially, they really want to know the reason why W88 withdrawal is slow. So below, our experts have summarized for you some of the reasons why withdrawals at W88 are slow as follows:

W88 dealer or maintenance bank

Players withdraw money during the dealer or bank maintenance. This will cause your withdrawal payment to not be processed immediately. This is a common reason why W88 withdrawals are delayed.

Reasons why W88 withdrawals are slow

Thereby, players should find out information about the operation or maintenance of the bank, the dealer before making a withdrawal order. Thus, your withdrawal transaction at W88 will take place more smoothly.

Member entered wrong information on W88 withdrawal slip

You know that if you fill in the wrong information on the withdrawal slip, this payment transaction will not be completed successfully. At the same time, this also affects the transaction time of the customer.

Thereby when the player withdraws with incorrect information, the dealer will return the transaction to the player. After that, you will have to wait about 3-5 days for the money to be refunded to the bank. After that, you can continue to make the order  withdraw money W88 . This has really slowed down W88 withdrawals.

Players withdraw money at the wrong time

Players withdraw money at the wrong time such as: Banks are not working, holidays, holidays or special occasions of the year. This will cause your withdrawal to be delayed and not be processed quickly by the bank.

This is one of the reasons  why W88 withdrawal is slow  that many people often have. Especially when they win with a large amount of money and they want to withdraw money immediately and immediately to their bank.

However, they do not know that today is a non-working bank holiday. As a result, players’ withdrawals at W88 will be delayed and payment transactions will be processed on the bank’s return business day.

Detailed instructions on withdrawal steps at W88

Making the correct withdrawal order is also a very effective way to help you overcome the situation why W88 withdrawal is slow . So below we will guide you how to withdraw money at W88 most accurately:

3.2.1 Withdrawal can only be made in the name of and to the registered account holder. Refer to 2.

3.2.2 Where possible, all withdrawals request will be processed to the payment account from which the deposits were made unless otherwise stated and informed by

3.2.3 You need to login into their account and select withdrawal on the website. Withdrawal submission is subject to your account is sufficient funds at the time of request.

3.2.4 The requested withdrawal amount shall be debited from your account upon submission (refer to 3.2.3.). Click on “cancel” under the withdrawal if you wish to cancel on your withdrawal request before processed your transaction. No withdrawal cancellation can be submitted thereafter from you should the withdrawal transaction have been made and on the way to your bank account and/or your preferred mode.

3.2.5 reserve the right to cancel, claim and charge you for the relevant amounts incurred if we incur any chargeback.

3.2.6 may request identification and valid documents in perform due diligence in respect to withdrawal request.

3.2.7 Withdrawals can incur charges depending on your preferred choice or method. does not charge you any withdrawal fee. You should be advice to check from your own bank account if there is any handling fee being incur.

3.2.8 You are responsible for reporting your winnings and losses for tax purposes in their own jurisdiction.

Thereby, W88 will process this payment request of the player within 2 hours. So please wait patiently for the notification from the bookie to know if the money has been returned to your bank account.

Tips to help players withdraw money at W88 fastest

In order not to fall into the situation of why W88 withdrawal is slow, we have given you some tips for the fastest withdrawal at W88 as follows:

  • Members when withdrawing money at W88 for the first time, please save your bank information. After that, the next time you withdraw money, you will not need to go through the steps to fill in your bank information anymore. Instead, you just need to fill in the amount you want to withdraw and then press send.
  • Members should choose the time to withdraw money is the days when the bank works like Monday to Friday mornings. This is considered the most reasonable time for you to withdraw money to avoid withdrawal. W88 is slow.
  • If you receive the W88 system maintenance notice, the player should not make a withdrawal. This is similar to the fact that you should not make withdrawals on days when the bank is not open.

Through the article, we have explained to you quite clearly the problem related to  why W88 withdrawal is slow. Hope the content of the article has helped you know how to fix the slow withdrawal at  W88 .