Discover some interesting products W88 provides to gamers over the world

When you are choosing a suitable bookmaker for you, the first thing you should research is its online products because it is one of the factors showing its professional service. Online betting is one of the fastest-growing industries so more and more games appear every day. Therefore, don’t choose a bookmaker if it doesn’t provide enough online products. But at W88, you can freely discover the world of online betting because products W88 are various, including many trendy games.

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You can easily find the most interesting and popular online products such as Poker, Casino, Baccarat, Slots game, Sport, Blackjack, Jackpot, and E-sport. You can challenge your ability with many chances and many strong rivals. If you are looking for a bookmaker offering you various opportunities to earn money, let’s join W88 to experience funny products W88 as below:

Poker W88

Poker is considered one of the most popular online gambling games all over the world. This card game includes 52 card decks. At the beginning of each game, the dealer will deal with 2 separate cards. After that, the card will turn over the community cards. The players should pay attention to the strength of the card and the intention of the toy. To recognize the winner, you have to wait until the last round of betting is over, the player with the strongest hand from the personal and community cards will be the winner.

The rules of Poker products W88 are not too difficult, however, the players have to understand the strength of each card and develop a suitable strategy. Therefore, you have to study some basic rules to start your game and win money.

At W88, you also try Texas Hold’em Poker, a kind of Poker game from Texas, America. Players in Texas Hold’em Poker won’t use cash but chips. Therefore, online Texas Hold’em Poker will convert cash into betting chips for convenience.

w88 poker

A table of Texas Hold’em Poker includes 2, 6, or 9 people. Therefore, you can experience the game with some strong rivals and dramas during the game. Also, you can apply basic Poker rules to Texas Hold’em Poker.

Moreover, you have to remember the meaning of some important terms such as Raise, Call, Check, Fish, Shark, Hit and Run, Donkey, etc. You can find them in the guidance article on Poker on the W88 website.

W88 Baccarat

Apart from Poker, Baccarat is another popular online betting game of products W88. So what is baccarat gambling? It is a card game that uses a 52-card deck between players and the dealer. On a table of Baccarat, 3 cards will be dealt with 2 sides for the Player and the Banker.

Each baccarat gambling game only lasts 1 minute. Do you think it is too fast for newbies? Yes, but you have to get used to it. You have the right to conduct your bet in 15 seconds. You have to predict which side has the closest total to 9 wins. You will meet 3 outcomes when the Baccarat game is over. They are the Player wins, the Banker wins, and Tie.

According to many bookmakers, this game is very popular in Asia and appears in most casinos in this region. Some games similar to Baccarat are Sic Bo, first crab, roulette, dragon tiger, etc. If you play Blackjack at W88, you can experience traditional kinds of Blackjack and other card games such as phom, ginseng, advancing, etc.

One more thing, Baccarat is the most popular game in the world up to 39.3%. The second highest one is Blackjack. Products W88 updates the Baccarat game every day so that you can enjoy the best of Baccarat here.


W88 Blackjack

Besides Poker, Blackjack is more and more popular in the world of online betting. At W88, Blackjack always has a high number of players so you can meet many professional players to gain your knowledge and experience. Like Poker and Baccarat, Blackjack is also a card game. The players and the dealer will compare their points to recognize who the winner is.

This game also uses a 52-card deck but only 2 cards will be dealt with by players. If your point is close or equal to 21, you will win the betting house. In contrast, you will lose your money if your score is more than 21 points.

W88 has many tables so you don’t need to worry that you can’t find a table for yourself. Automatically, the bookmaker will help you to find a suitable table for your requirement.

To win at a Blackjack table, you have to pay attention to some main rules or cards such as the first bet, scoring rules, draw rules, and winning points. This information is published on the W88 website so you can read them anytime.

Before playing Blackjack, you should read the experience of professional gamers as a reference. You need to know when to stop, when to bet Double, when to draw the third card and spit or not. Please remember that everything can happen at the Blackjack table and you have to avoid these traps.


The preface of products W88 Blackjack is especially vivid and real. Therefore, you can feel that you are playing Blackjack at a real casino. Also, you can use different screens to take the right action.

Here is everything related to some of the most interesting products W88 now. If you like to discover these games, don’t hesitate to register an account and be ready to enjoy these battles with smart rivals. W88 is always here to support you to avoid unexpected mistakes and win millions of dollars as you wish. Many people have made their dreams come true so you absolutely can do it.

W88 always welcomes new members from all over the world, hence, we are very happy to have you joined. Hopefully, you will have big successes with the support of our professional technical team and products W88.