Discover 3 big differences of W88 application on personal computers and smartphones

W88 bookmaker is considered the top bookmaker in Asia and Australia and we are serving millions of players all over the world. To help our customers to have a better experience, we have developed two versions on both personal computers and smartphones. Our players can download W88 application to their devices and enjoy their favorite online betting game anytime they want. You need to download W88 application to your devices and the whole process will take you only a few minutes.

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However, many of our players are concerned about the differences between the two versions and their advantages. If you have the same concern, please read the article below and choose the best version for you but we encourage you to use both versions because they are all perfect.

The size of each detail

This is the first thing you can compare between playing games on personal computers and smartphones. With your computers, everything will be bigger and you can see everything. This is a great advantage of W88 application of personal computers that brings gamers.

In particular, your experience on your computers is also more interesting than on your smartphones. You have louder speakers, big screens and other external options. If you are a professional gamer and always looking for perfect experiences when playing games, your personal computer will be your best choice.

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However, it doesn’t mean that playing games on smartphones are not great. Smartphones are a revolutionary invention in modern times. Therefore, you don’t only use it for contact purposes, you also use it as a means of entertainment. With a smartphone, you can do everything to relax such as listen to music, shop, and play games. Therefore, more and more games have a version for smartphones to attract players.

However, the size of a smartphone’s screen is smaller than a personal computer. Hence, you will get familiar with the different sizes of details of the two versions. Fortunately, game developers and designers know how to make them beautiful and easy to play. That’s why games for mobile phones are more and more popular and attract millions of players all over the world. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that the sizes of details will have a big influence on your experience.

With the W88 application, our technical team has tried very much to make them perfect and suitable for our customers. The proof is millions of online betting players like our two products and they are two of our greatest products.

The mobility of the device

In this sector, the winner belonged to smartphones. In the era of 4.0, smartphones are like small computers with full functions. In particular, with mobility, smartphones are the best friends of billions of people all over the world and almost no one can live without their smartphones. They use smartphones to check social networks, work, shop, study, listen to music, and of course, play games. Therefore, the W88a1 bookmaker decided to develop our app for mobile phones to attract more players. Although it is a new product, our W88 application for mobile phones has become the favorite option of millions of players.

To persuade players to play the version on mobile phones, our technical team had to design each detail very carefully to reflect a real casino on customers’ mobile phones. This is very difficult and time-consuming but we believe our customers deserve the best products. If we can satisfy them, they will come back and choose us as their trusty companions on their journey of conquering the world of online betting.

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We understand that our players always want to be safe no matter where they play online casinos. Therefore, our technical team has developed a strong security system to strictly protect all sensitive information of customers. If you are a new member and afraid that your information will be leaked outside when you play online betting on mobile phones, you can get rid of this worry thanks to the great ability of our technical team.

The interface of the casino table

This is also a big difference between the two versions. It is easy for you to recognize this feature because the configuration of personal computers and smartphones are not the same. Depending on each device, the design team will adjust the design, making sure that our customers can enjoy the online game.

However, the W88 application is always trying to create a beautiful and high-class casino playground. Although you play W88 online betting games on your personal computers or your smartphones, your experience is still perfect and you can control your games easily. So don’t worry that the interface will be different because we only adjust a little bit of it and still keep the structure to help you control your games.

Currently, our mobile app is chosen by many customers and thư W88 application design team always welcomes feedback from customers. Through these ideas, we can upgrade our products to meet more entertainment demands of players. If you have tried our mobile app and want to contribute to help it better, please send us your ideas anytime.

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If you want to experience the feeling of being at a real casino, you can try our version for personal computers. If you want to relax with online betting games anytime, please download W88 application to your smartphone. They will help you entertain with different experiences.

The W88 bookmaker is the home of many professional players as well as amateur players, hence, we have tried to do anything to satisfy our customers. And that’s the reason why we develop the two W88 application versions for personal computers and smartphones. If you are still concerned about anything, please send us our inquiries to w88a1 we will give you feedback as soon as possible. Hopefully, you will have a great time with high-quality of the W88 bookmaker