Deposit W88 – Get Bonus up to AUD 60 first deposit

Deposit W88 – After you have a betting account at W88, to be able to bet on football, play cards for real money or play slot games, you must deposit money.

Deposit W88

In this article, will guide you on how to deposit money into your account in detail

How to deposit money in W88 ?

Currently, w88 has many methods to help players deposit money in the easiest and fastest way

Ways to deposit w88 include:

  • Bank account transfer : transfer money from player account to w88 account
  • Quick Pay is similar to money transfer using Internet Banking
  • W88 game card : use w88 game card to load directly
  • Phone card: easy to top up because you can buy scratch cards anywhere
  • In addition, there are other forms such as Wepay, Eezie Pay, 1X Pay,…

Conditions, W88 Deposit

W88 is currently one of the most reputable bookmakers in the Australian betting market and is chosen by many people to bet.

In order for the deposit to be fast and accurate, the player must comply with the deposit conditions set forth by w88.

Some conditions for depositing w88 are as follows:

  • The name of the betting account must be the same as the deposit and withdrawal bank account holder.

Currently, the W88 bookmaker supports many of the most popular banks in Australia, so sending money is very easy.

The fastest way to deposit W88

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is also very simple. You just need to get your W88 bank account, transfer money, and finally confirm deposit.
W88 deposit details by BANK TRANSFER

I. Take W88’s bank account to transfer in

Step 1: Log in to your w88 account
Step 2: On the w88 homepage, click TRANSFER
Step 3: Select the W88 bank you want to transfer to chuyển

Please keep in mind w88’s bank account information:

  • Bank name
  • Bank account number
  • Full name of W88 bank account holder
  • Bank branch

II. Transfer money to the bank account number of the W88 bookie

III. Confirm deposit information

Step 1: Go back to the TRANSFER section at w88 homepage w
Step 2: Select TRANSFER
Step 3: Fill in the money transfer confirmation information
Step 3: Finally, click the SEND button to send information to the bookie.

The next thing is that you just need to wait for the house to confirm, it takes about 15 – 30 minutes, the money in your w88 account will be updated.

Quick Pay

If you want to play pro, deposit to w88 is updated instantly then choose Quick Pay deposit method.

Note :
To use this deposit method, you must register for Internet Banking service.
Therefore, when registering for a bank account, you should choose to add Internet Banking registration service to facilitate the top-up and immediately have money in your account.
Step 1: Log in to the W88 homepage
Step 2: Click Transfer
Step 3: Next, select the item QUICK PAY
Step 4: Fill in the amount and bank, Click Send
Step 5: Login to your Internet Banking account khoản
After you complete step 4, the website will automatically switch to your bank account login interface.
Please enter the Username and Password of your bank account, and follow the other steps as instructed.
Once completed, your deposit will be immediately credited to your betting account.
Thus, you have successfully deposited money into your betting account by the form of Quick Pay.
Quick Pay is the fastest and most convenient way to top up.

Deposit W88 with Game card

The special thing about this form is that it is safe and fast to recharge. But you need to note that buying game cards from reputable providers to not lose money.
Step 1: Visit w88 homepage, and log in to top up
Step 2: Click on the TRANSFER button on the w88 betting page
Step 3: Click on GAME CARD
In the page to deposit money into w88 with a game card, please enter all the information of Card Amount, Game Card Code, Card Serial Number
Step 4: Finally, click the DEPOSIT button
Note :
Recharge with a game card is very convenient, but the disadvantage is that you will be deducted 10% of the cost.
For example, if you load a w88 game card with a price of 1 million, your w88 betting account will only have 900 thousand left.

Notes when Deposite W88

I. When you use the BANK TRANSFER method, remember to keep the receipt, you can take a photo of the retained receipt in case of verification.
II. The amount displayed on the w88 house has 3 zeros. So if it’s 1 million, it only shows 1,000 .
III. Before sending money with Quick Pay, you must check your account balance, your bank username and password must be the same as the house bank.
IV. When you send money by phone card, you will have to pay 3rd party fees. This transaction fee is usually not fixed but charged by the bookie.
V. In addition to using popular banks to transfer money to the W88 house, you can use other banks, but the concession is that the confirmation transaction takes a long time, making you wait.

Questions related to depositing at W88

In addition to having an account to play betting, you need to pay attention to deposit issues at W88. Because there is money in the account, you can bet. Specifically:

How long does it take to deposit money into W88?

W88 is a reputable bookie, so it is inevitable that they will support the withdrawal of money for players very quickly about 5 minutes.
If you do it via the Quick Pay method, your betting account will be updated immediately.
Sometimes you will have a delay due to incorrect deposit information or deposit during the bank maintenance period, so the verification of the deposit cannot be verified.

How much does it cost to deposit money into W88?

W88 is a long-standing online betting site from Asia to Europe, so it is inevitable that there will be no fees for players, all transactions are completely free.
Except for the cases where you top up via w88 game card, top up via phone scratch card, you will bear the cost of a 3rd party.

Where is the deposit transferred?

After completing the order to top up the betting account, the money will be updated to the account, also known as the player’s main betting wallet. You want to play, or transfer money to other betting wallets, then proceed to place bets.

What to do when the deposit is not updated to the W88 account?

When you have completed the w88 deposit order, but after about 30 minutes, there is still no money in your betting account, you should immediately contact the support department on the home page.
Rest assured, w88 is very reputable, the customer service staff will help you complete the deposit.

Is depositing money at W88 safe and secure?

All deposit and withdrawal transactions at W88 are completely secure. The system of the house w88 is located abroad, so all transactions are absolutely confidential.
That’s why, if you’re betting at the reputable bookie just now, believe and rest assured to bet. W88c21 guarantees that your money matters will not be lost or scammed.

What currencies are there for betting at W88?

W88 is a reputable bookie stretching from Asia to Europe, present in most Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and even Australia.
If you are a person living in Australia for the convenience of depositing and withdrawing w88, you should use AUD.

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