Contact W88 – Support you 24 hours a day, 7 day a week

W88 is always rated by players as the bookie that provides excellent customer care service. This contributes to the prestige and quality of this famous dealer.
So when playing at this bookie, you already know how many ways to contact W88. What is the easiest and fastest way to help players contact the W88 dealer.
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Advantages of W88 customer care service

W88 is a bookie that always brings the best and most perfect customer service to players.

So let’s take a look at some of the advantages of W88’s customer care service below:

  • Time to respond to messages as well as calls from customers in the fastest way. Usually, after only a few seconds, you will receive support from the W88 dealer.
  • W88’s employees are professionally and methodically trained. They all have betting knowledge, so they always answer the players’ questions most accurately.
  • W88’s customer care service operates 24/7 and works even on holidays.
  • Ways to  contact W88  are diverse with many different means.
  • The customer care team of the W88 bookie is Vietnamese. Therefore, players will not encounter problems in communication when contacting the house.
  • All questions from players about issues related to the W88 dealer will always be answered correctly.

The easiest and fastest ways to contact W88

When playing at W88, if you have any questions or concerns? Please contact the W88 dealer by the methods below.

Chat online at the website of the bookie

Almost every bookie offers an online chat service on their website and W88 is no exception. This is even considered a method of  contact W88  with many advantages such as:

contact w88

  • Players will get answers to their questions in just a few seconds.
  • The online chat section works on the W88 Mobile app as well. Therefore, players will easily contact W88 when needed.
  • The online chat section is always displayed 24/7 at any time of the day.
  • Players do not even need to create an account and log in to W88. You can still use this online chat to connect with the dealer’s advisor.

Call the hotline of W88

Calling the hotline is the fastest way to contact W88. This contact method is used in urgent cases such as when a player encounters a problem: Can’t withdraw money, account is stolen…

Now you need the help of the house quickly. Therefore, calling the hotline of W88 is the best and most timely solution.

However, when players call W88, you will be charged the same calling fee as a normal call. Therefore, players only call the W88 dealer in case of necessity.

Send email to W88

Sending an email to the bookie is a way to contact W88 which has many advantages. Usually, players send questions to the dealer through this form. You will be able to send many questions at the same time that you are wondering about W88

W88 staff will, in turn, answer the questions you encounter in the most complete way. Besides, quick response time is also an advantage of this method of contacting W88.

In general, each method  contact W88  has its own advantages for customers. Depending on the actual situation you are facing, players should choose the most appropriate contact method. W88 always has a dedicated, caring and professional customer service team for you.