Blackjack W88 – How to Play Blackjack Online at w88

Blackjack W88 is the number 1 attractive and exciting casino card game in the casinos. For those who like to play online casino, Blackjack is the number 1 intellectual card game. will guide you how to play online blackjack and exchange for real money at the W88 Casino betting house.

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What is BlackJack?

Blackjack or blackjack is a casino card game that compares points between the player and the dealer.

This game uses a 52-card deck, the player will be dealt 2 cards, then you have the right to draw cards or not so that the total is close or = 21 to win the house. If the score exceeds 21 then it will be burned (lose).


Steps to participate in Blackjack W88

Step 1: Visit the website

To do this, you need to access the W88 dealer via one of the links below:

Link Blackjack W88 1

Link Blackjack W88 2

Step 2: Log in to your account

If you do not have a Blackjack W88 account, please see the registration instructions here

Step 3: Open the Blackjack game

To play Blackjack, you need to select “LIVE CASINO” and go to “Club Palazzo”.

Live Casino Blackjack w88


After that, you can go to the “Blackjack” section to choose the appropriate table

Note: your account needs to be funded in order to start betting

Details of how to play Blackjack at W88 Casino

How to choose a table to play Blackjack W88

Currently, Blackjack W88 has many different tables. You can use the Sort/Filter bar to adjust the amount. From there, the system will find the tables that match your requirements.

Note, you can only play at an empty table (do not display the line “Table Full”).

How to play Blackjack online at W88

Blackjack is a game based on a 52 card deck. Basically, this is a card game between the dealer and the player. Each table usually has a maximum of 7 players and 1 Dealer (representing the house).

An online Blackjack game at the W88 dealer will take place as follows:

  1. After you have selected a table, you wait for the page to load successfully.
  2. In 15 seconds, you need to place a “Bet Chip”. When the time is up, the Dealer will deal the cards.
  3. At the beginning, the player is dealt 2 face-up cards. The dealer will keep 1 card face up and one card face up.
  4. After that, the dealer will continue to deal more cards until the game is over. Based on the total points of the cards, you can choose to stop or not.
  5. To win, you need to have a higher score than the dealer but no more than 21 points.

blackjack w88 online

Basic Blackjack Rules

First bet (Ante)

Before the start of the deal, players will have 15 seconds to choose and place their bets. You can only join the game when you have bet Chip.

Scoring Rules

It can be said that the way to calculate points in Blackjack is as follows:

  • Cards 2 – 10 are scored according to the number displayed on the card, regardless of suit. For example, piece 2 will be counted as 2 points, piece 3 is 3 points, etc.
  • Pieces J, Q, and K are counted as 10 points.
  • Piece A is counted as 1 point when the total score is greater than or equal to 11. In case the total score is less than 11, the A piece is counted as 11 points.

blackjack w88 score

Draw rules

After being dealt two cards by the dealer, you will be allowed to draw more cards, as long as the total score does not exceed 21 points.

When you have finished drawing, the dealer can draw. However, the dealer can only draw more cards when the point is less than or equal to 16. If the total is 17 or more, the dealer will stop drawing.

When does the player win?

You will be the winner when your deck meets one of the following conditions:

  • The first two cards are dealt 21 points (Blackjack). This means you have 1 Ace (A) and 1 10, J, Q or K.
  • You have a higher total than the dealer and no more than 21 points.
  • The dealer when drawing more than 21 points.

In addition, if both sides have the same score then it is considered a tie, you get your bet back. You will also lose if your total is over 21.

Some Player Options

Continue drawing (+): You choose this right when you want to draw more cards.

Stop drawing (x): If you feel that your score is already high, you can choose this command to stop drawing.

Double Bet: This is the right to double the bet. After choosing, you can only draw 1 more card.

Insurance bet: If the dealer’s face-up card is an A, you can reduce your risk by placing a separate bet for half of your original bet. If the dealer hits Blackjack then you win this bet, but still lose the main bet.

Split or Discard: These 2 powers only appear on the first turn if you have a pair of 8s or pair of A’s:

  • Select “Discard” when you want to return the bet and play a new game.
  • In case you choose “Split cards”, 2 cards will be split into 2 new hands (each hand equals half the amount). Also, each split hand will draw only 1 extra card. At this point, whichever hand gets an extra 10, J, Q or K will only count as 21 points (not Blackjack).

Familiar tips of Blackjack players

Players often apply simple rules of play based on experience of observing wins and losses such as:

  • When to stop: Player has a total score of 12-16, dealer has a total of 2-6
  • When to bet Double: The house has 2-10 points, you have 11 points, you should bet double, surely the odds will be very high.
  • When to draw the 3rd card: Player’s card has a total of 12-16 and dealer’s face is 7-A: draw a 3rd card
  • Should you split or not: Splitting is a way for you to limit your loss when you meet 2 8s or 2 A’s. When you meet 2 8, you should split immediately without hesitation because 16 is quite close to 21, if If you continue to play, the odds of going far from the shore are very high.

It is better to play blackjack at an online casino than a real one

As you may not know, real casinos are designed for players to lose as easily as possible. From light, color, atmosphere, staff uniforms, music, time to make players easily distracted or sleepy, difficult to make the most accurate decision. Not to mention if anyone is drunk with blood, they will almost be swept up in a vortex, just put it without understanding why.

When playing online casino is simpler, you will not be affected by psychological problems, not to mention you can also have many advantages by using multiple betting screens, using statistical software, counting. your post.

In addition, a real-life casino is considered a money-sucker because its operating costs are too large, the operator must do enough to make a profit, and operating an online casino is easier and less risky, so your can win is also higher.

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